I find it very interesting at times how God brings people into our lives, as well as the different sorts of people He sees fit to place within His different congregations. The week I was very blessed to meet a man with a background quite similar to mine, and at the same time considerabley different. As I listened to this man, it became once again very clear to me how without God's intervention in my life when I was thirty years old, things may have been quite different for me.

God does work in the most wonderful and mysterious ways in our lives, and I am sure that His timing is always perfect, and with purpose. I no longer wish to myself that I might have been saved at an earlier time in my life, but instead have embraced God's most wonderful and perfect plan. I know that the things that I have gone through have some purpose and value, and that even the greatest sins of my life are things that God can now use in both my minsitering to others, and to more fully understand that grace that God has determined to lavish upon me.

So this week I encourage you to take note of the people and events that transpire in your own lives and ask God to work in and through them those things that would build up His kingdom, and allow you be become more aware of His working out His great plan in and through you.