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Time across the ocean

January 31, 2012
It has been about three weeks and only now am I getting used to being in another land and feeling like it is my home. That is an interesting thought when I consider that it Ireland is indeed my ancestral home. Still, when I give full consideration to the age of the world according even to the short span that the Bible teaches I know that my roots go back much further than this land.

I sometimes get mixed up in my life as a Christian as well thinking that I can somehow add to the work that Christ is doing in my life. He is the One who saves, and He is the One who continues to hold me in His hand. The work of Christ is all Him. Now don't get me wrong, I am completely aware of both my sinful condition and my responsibility before God. It is just that I like many others sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that there is something I must be doing to maintain my position in the family of God, and there isn't. THANK YOU LORD GOD for your grace.

God works in mysterious ways.

June 20, 2011
I find it very interesting at times how God brings people into our lives, as well as the different sorts of people He sees fit to place within His different congregations. The week I was very blessed to meet a man with a background quite similar to mine, and at the same time considerabley different. As I listened to this man, it became once again very clear to me how without God's intervention in my life when I was thirty years old, things may have been quite different for me.

God does work in...
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The importance of prayer

May 6, 2011
I have been giving a lot more thought to prayer this week, and have even thought to give a survey on Facebook about this matter. Exactly how important is prayer in our lives? Is is something we only do because the Bible teaches us to do so, or because our love for God compels us to do so?

I know what the answer to this should be, but I am not sure that this is the practical reality in most of our lives, most of the time. I have been considering where we as a church in America might be ranked a...
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Welcome to the Pastor's Blog

April 26, 2011
I find it sometimes a bit hard to tell the whole world what is happening in my little life. It is hard because in the course of a given day I am aware on numerous occassions of God's working in my life. I hope that this is the case for each of you who might be reading this, as He is surely working out His great purposes in your life as well.

It is such a rich blessing we have to be able to read the Word of God, and to be able to even in many cases have it on our phones or computers. I pray tha...
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